Prithvi Narayan Campus, Pokhara, Nepal

Welcome to Prithvi Narayan Campus

Welcome to higher education at Prithvi Narayan Campus, where our students are special. Our students are at a panoramic city of lakes, at one of the oldest and largest campuses of Tribhuvan University. The time here is going to be among the most memorable of our students' life. While at the campus, each of our students will receive a university education and be at the heart of a welcoming, vibrant and tourist spot city.

The campus invites everyone to take the most advantage of a leading higher education institution in the western region that continually attracts students from around the region. The time at the campus will place our students at the most self-motivated teaching and learning, and help reach them the destination.

We welcome bachelor’s and master’s students in more than 34 areas of study, offered at locations and times convenient for every kind of students. We know that bachelor’s and master’s students have made a special commitment to pursue advanced degrees. It is the faculty members and other supporting staff who are dedicated to quality teaching and personalized student service.

This website covers everything from finding your way around the campus and the city, meeting new people and settling in to our students' academic life in Pokhara. There is also information about the courses and other social as well as recreational activities while in the campus.

The campus is a student-oriented place with a friendly and self-motivated community of advanced students. We believe that the mix of students from different cultures and social backgrounds around the western region makes the campus a vibrant place to study.

We hope that this website gives our students a feel of what life and study is like at the campus. If our students would like to have more information about the place and the campus, do not hesitate to make direct contact with the relevant departments by phone, or email. All departmental contact details are listed in the website. We also strongly encourage everyone to visit the campus whenever one has free time.