Prithvi Narayan Campus, Pokhara, Nepal


At PN Campus, all its faculty members, administrative staff and students find facilities for indoor sports and recreation in the sports centre. All members of the campus can also enjoy a wide range of outdoor activities. These facilities are available to help make them stay in the campus a fun and healthy one. The campus seeks to provide opportunities for all its members to achieve their health potential.

Extra-curricular activities including sports activities are managed by the Student’s Welfare Division. The function of the Sports wing is to promote the sports in the campus by implementing the sports policies of the Student’s Welfare Division. In doing so, it helps develop all-around personality of students and teaching and non-teaching staff by channeling their energy in positive directions.

The campus has assigned its qualified staff to coordinate a variety of games including athletics, martial arts, football, volleyball and basketball events frequently ranging from indoor to outdoor activities. In addition, the staff also gives short training to those who participate in the tournaments outside the campus. The following facilities for sports are available on campus:

SN SportsItems
1. Football Ground (Annapurna Stadium) 1
2. Volleyball Court 2
3. Basketball Court 2
4. Table Tennis Court 1
5. Lawn Table Tennis Court 1
6. Indoor Hall for Martial Arts, Boxing, Badminton, etc. 1
7. Cricket Pitch 1
8. Baseball Court 2
9. Hockey Ground 1
10. Handball 1
11. Kabaddi Court 1

Jum Prasad Gurung
Student's Welfare Division
Prithvi Narayan Campus (Tribhuvan University)
Bhimkali Patan, Bagar
Pokhara, Nepal