Prithvi Narayan Campus, Pokhara, Nepal

Notice regarding workshop on Proposal and Dissertation Writing

This is to notify all the students of MBS 4th Semester (2076 Batch) that a workshop on Proposal and Dissertation Writing is scheduled to be organized on 11, 17, and 18 Chaitra 2079, and your participation is required. The purpose of this workshop is to equip you with the necessary skills and knowledge to develop a well-structured proposal for your dissertation, as well as to write your dissertation.

All the students are required to compulsorily participate in the workshop and finalize the title of their dissertation. During the workshop, you will be expected to prepare a proposal for your dissertation. Please note that the last date to register your name for the workshop is 7 Chaitra 2079.

We also advise you to conduct a preliminary literature review in the area of your research interest before attending the workshop. Additionally, please bring along one article of your interest published in a national or international journal in printed form and not in digital form.

We encourage you to take this workshop seriously as it will serve as a significant foundation for your dissertation writing work. Therefore, we look forward to your full participation in the workshop.

To obtain further information such as the workshop venue, registration fee, and to register your name, please contact the members of the workshop organizing committee listed below.


Workshop Organizing Committee

Mr. Shiva Paudel, Coordinator               98460 09554

Mr. Subash Pokhrel, Member     98206 06257

Mr. Nikki Gurung, Member        98644 31704

Ms. Jayanti Sharma, Member     98477 34204

Ms. Shakuntala Giri, Member      98261 93589

Mr. Prem Sagar Adhikari, Member 98560 73814

Mr. Sita Ram Dwawaki, Member       98415 59683

Mr. Bhoj Raj Sapkota, Member                       9846717973

Mr. Suraj Poudel, Member                 98476 31568

Mr. Gopal Karki, Member                  98171 95075

Mr. Dhan Bahadur Gurung, Member  98187 59245





Prof. Dr. Hari Prasad Pathak

HOD, Management Research Department, Faculty of Management

Published by: Dept of Research Mgmt
Published on 2023-03-12

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