Prithvi Narayan Campus, Pokhara, Nepal


The cafeteria at PN Campus allows its clients (faculty members, administrative staff and students) to get fully involved in campus life. All its services and facilities are within easy reach that lets them have the opportunity to pursue their interests while they are in the campus. One of them is the cafeteria which is a natural meeting place on campus. The break time, usually understood as the moment one escapes from classes, is usually welcomed by all. The cafeteria aims to celebrate the importance of that moment of the day.

The campus has a cafeteria for all that offers a wide choice of refreshments and foods to suit all tastes and budgets both on our campus and close by. The cafeteria is situated behind the main administrative building and at the lap of the Bhim Dhunga.

Note: Currently, the cafeteria service has been stopped temporarily as the new management of the cafeteria has to be decided yet. The new cafeteria management will resume its services soon.