Prithvi Narayan Campus, Pokhara, Nepal

Message from the Campus Chief

In the sixty years since Prithvi Narayan Campus was founded, the campus has emerged as a major center in higher education in Nepal and occupies a premier position in the western region of Nepal as a dynamic source for innovative teaching, learning and research. The campus works closely with other institutions, business houses and local bodies to ensure its programs that are relevant to today’s fast-paced and ever-changing world and that students are in tune with the developments and demands of their various professions.

The campus was established by the local community of Pokhara in September 1960 and was formally incorporated with Tribhuvan University in 1973 as one of the constituent campuses. Since then the campus has provided its students to study and choose from diverse academic programs in the areas of humanities & social sciences, management, education, law and pure sciences. The campus has also encouraged its students to be part of its cultural diversity and to contribute to the educational experience of Nepali students and scholars.

The campus is committed to achieving excellence in teaching, learning and research. Truly speaking, the high standards of our academic programs are nationally and internationally recognized, as is the provision of our high-quality learning opportunities which enable students to attain these standards. In order to achieve this goal, we have now started to reinvent our academic programs and facilities by working closely with the University Grants Commission such as by participating in the process of QAA system of its institution.

Our students can be sure that their presence at the university and their research activities and interests are a matter of high priority within the departments of various subjects. But no matter what the institutional conditions, at a personal level our students’ time should be among the most exciting of their life.

Students are the most important part of the community of scholars. Our faculty and academic staff are well trained and experienced, eminent in their fields. The chain of knowledge stretches back far into the past, and it is important that it be carried into the future, with commitment, care and dedication. The pursuit of knowledge requires rigorous analysis, careful scholarship and imaginative and creative powers. Congratulations on beginning our students’ career as a Bachelor’s or Master’s student in the campus. I hope it will be immensely satisfying. Our faculty and administrative staff are here to assist and support our students, and our students will find out about many ways in which this support is offered in this website.

I am very pleased to welcome prospective students to our higher studies in the Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences, Management, Education and Law, and the Institute of Science & Technology. The need for continued study and skills development is widely recognized among employers, industry and in educational circles, in Nepal and internationally. Studying with us in a university environment is only one method of achieving this capability, which is the most important goal of receiving higher education and having a successful career later. Our programs are the best method for many of our students and are oriented towards professional development, with an emphasis on the expansion of specific skills relevant to the students’ employment opportunities.

It is hoped that our students and prospective students’ time with us would be anything but a fun and rewarding experience.

Prof. Dr. Saroj Koirala

Campus Chief
Tribhuvan University
Prithvi Narayan Campus
Pokhara, Nepal

The Campus Chiefs to Date

Since its establishment in 2017 BS, PN campus has been initiated by the following individuals who have served as Chiefs to this institution over the period of times and have continued its proud tradition of excellence in higher education in the region.

  1.  George John
    17 Bhadra 2017–Ashad 2030 (BS)

  2.  Mahendra Singh Thapa
    1 Shrawan 2030–Baisakh 2032 (BS)

  3.  Ganesh Man Palikhe
    1 Shrawan 2030–Ashad 2032 (BS)

  4.  Chitta Dhar Tuladhar
    1 Shrawan 2030–Ashad 2032 (BS)
    (Science & Technology)

  5.  Balbir Singh Negi
    1 Baisakh 2032–Ashad 2032 (BS)
    (Acting Campus Chief)

  6.  George John
    Ashad 2032–20 Magh 2038 (BS)

  7. Ganesh Bahadur Gurung
    21 Magh 2038–25 Jestha 2047 (BS)

  8. Dr. Narayan Dutta Nepal
    1 Ashad 2047–9 Magh 2052 (BS)

  9. Dr. Birendra Singh Gurung
    9 Magh 2052–8 Magh 2056 (BS)

  10. Mahendra Bhushan Thapa
    9 Magh 2056–8 Magh 2060 (BS)

  11. Dr. Dil Bahadur Chhetri
    9 Magh 2060–8 Magh 2064 (BS)

  12. Ram Nath Adhikari
    9 Magh 2064–21 Falgun 2064 (BS) (For Campus Chief)

  13. Prof. Dr. Pashupati Nath Timalsena
    22 Falgun 2064–11 Chaitra 2065 (BS)

  14. Prof. Dr. Debendra Bahadur Lamichhane
    12 Chaitra 2065–24 Jestha 2066 (BS)
     (For Campus Chief)

  15. Gehendreshwor Koirala
    25 Jestha 2066–24 Jestha 2070 (BS)

  16. Prof. Dr. Debendra Bahadur Lamichhane
    25 Jestha 2070–24 Ashad 2070 (BS)  (For Campus Chief)

  17. Prof. Dr. Debendra Bahadur Lamichhane
    25 Jestha 2070 –24 Ashad 2074 (BS)

  18. Prof. Bishwo Raj Adhikari
    25 Jestha 2074 – 13 Bhadra 2074 (BS)  (For Campus Chief)

  19. Prof. Dr. Chandra Bahadur Thapa
    14 Bhadra 2074 – 28 Chaitra 2076 (BS)

  20. Nanda Lal Adhikari
    30 Chaitra 2076 – 23 Asadh 2077 (BS)  (For Campus Chief)

  21. Prof. Dr. Saroj Koirala
    24 Asadh 2077 (BS)–The Present